Regina T


The Regina T is a twin-screw model bow steel tug powered by two 8v-71 Detroit Diesels. She is 65 feet long, has a beam of 24 feet, and has an 8 foot depth from deck to keel and draws 6.5 feet in a loaded condition. From her upper pilothouse, the operator has an eye level of 32 feet. The Regina T has been involved in dredging operations, international trade, river work, reef building, salvage operations, and various other types of deployments. The crew of the Regina T is STCW trained and is skilled in many types of operations, including but not limited to those mentioned above, both offshore and inshore. Regina T came out of dry dock in October of 2020. The wheels, shafts and bearings were renewed and she was fully painted.

General Specifications

Built:  1972
National Flag:  US
Official Number:  537840
Home Port:  Fort Pierce, FL
Length:  65
Breadth:  24
Draft:  7.9
Gross Tons:  79
Net Tons:  54
Gear Ratio:  4.5 to 1

Propulsion / Power Twin Diesel Engines

Manufacturer:  Detroit Diesel
Model:  8V71
Horsepower:  600

Consoles and Deck Machinery:

    • Steering:
      • One Main Pilot House
      • One Aft Console
      • One Upper Pilot House with 32 ft. Eye Level
  • Deck Machinery:
  • Bow Deck Crane
  • Two Wire Rope Facing Winches


Cruising Speed:  8 knots
Endurance Range:  20 days fuel and stores

Electronic Equipment

  • Communication:
    • 1 – SSB Radio
    • 3 – VHF Radios
    • 1 – Satellite Telephone
    • The Regina T monitors VHF Channel 16 continuously. Crew members carry additional communications equipment, including but not limited to:
    • Nextel tri-band cellphones
    • Nextel Two-way capability
    • Handheld VHF radios
  • Navigation:
    • 2 DGPS Units
    • 2 16 Mile Radar Units
    • 1 Fathometer

Auxiliary Systems

  • Generators:
    • Two 20kw powered by 2-71 Detroit Diesels
  • Air Compressors:
    • Two 220v air compressors with reservoirs


  • Fuel:
    • 10,000 U.S. Gallons
  • Potable Water:
    • 1,000 U.S. Gallons